Healing Massage

A custom therapeutic massage experience, drawing on a variety of massage techniques to meet your goals for your body that day.  The pressure can vary from light, to deep, depending on your preferences.


Sessions include the use of a heated table, bolster, essential oils (optional), neck warmer, music, etc.

Every massage also includes Healing Alchemy Lightwork (Energetic Healing) 

60 min session    $100

90 min session    $140


South Florida Massage Elaine Johnson

Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi is a traditional healing art from the Hawaiian Islands. It's a deeply relaxing, flowing full body massage. The pressure can vary from gentle, to deep and intense, depending on your preferences 


The words Lomi Lomi mean “energy shifting touch therapy that can change your mind, body, emotions, and life for the good.”. 

Every Lomi Lomi massage also includes Healing Alchemy Lightwork (Energetic Healing) 

Lomi Lomi Video Preview

90 min session    $180

2 hour session     $230


Pregnancy and Postpartum Healing Massage

Pregnancy and Postpartum massages are deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, and healing. I am here to support you in feeling your best, throughout your pregnancy, and into motherhood. 

Every Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage is a custom therapeutic experience, tailored to your body's unique needs, and also includes powerful energetic healing (see Healing Alchemy Below). 


These massages help reduce physical discomfort, while supporting  mental, emotional, and spiritual health during and after pregnancy. The pressure can vary from gentle to deep, depending on your preferences.

I use a special massage cushion which allows pregnant women to lie face down comfortably and safely, even in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters (see images below-- cushion will be covered with clean sheets when in use...). Lying face-down allows for a more satisfying massage experience. It is also possible to do Pregnancy massage in the side-lying position, if that is preferred. 

Safety is always a priority, in any massage. I use simple, non-toxic, safe products in my office. For more information about the oils, scents, and cleaning products used in my office, click here. For questions about covid-19 precautions, click here

60 min session    $100

90 min session    $140


Spiritual energy Healing Coral Springs

Healing Alchemy

Healing Alchemy is a modality of lightwork (energy healing) done in partnership with the Angelic Realm and Source/Creator/God. Alchemy means transforming low frequencies in the body (which are the root cause of pain, fear, discomfort, disease, etc.), and replacing them with high-frequency light, and healing constructs, designs, blueprints, etc.


Healing Alchemy is included in all massage sessions inherently.

Spiritual Energy Healing South Florida Massage

Monthly Massage Memberships

Is receiving regular healing massages one of your self-care goals?


Good news! You can save 20% on all services when you become a Monthly Massage Member. 


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