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Healing Massage

A custom therapeutic massage experience, drawing on a variety of massage techniques to meet your goals for your body that day.  The pressure can vary from light, to deep, depending on your preferences.


Sessions include the use of a heated table, bolster, essential oils (optional), neck warmer, music, etc.

Every massage also includes Healing Alchemy Lightwork (Energetic Healing) 

60 min session    $100

90 min session    $140

South Florida Massage Elaine Johnson

Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi is a traditional healing art from the Hawaiian Islands. It's a deeply relaxing, flowing full body massage. The pressure can vary from gentle, to deep and intense, depending on your preferences 


The words Lomi Lomi mean “energy shifting touch therapy that can change your mind, body, emotions, and life for the good.”. 

Every Lomi Lomi massage also includes Healing Alchemy Lightwork (Energetic Healing) 

Lomi Lomi Video Preview

90 min session    $180

2 hour session     $230

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Healing Alchemy

Healing Alchemy is a modality of lightwork (energy healing) done in partnership with the Angelic Realm and Source/Creator/God. Alchemy means disintegrating low frequencies in the body (which are the root cause of pain, fear, discomfort, disease, etc.), and replacing them with high-frequency light, and healing constructs, designs, blueprints, etc.


Healing Alchemy is included in all massage sessions inherently, and the energy is transmitted primarily through my hands.

Did you know there are many ways to transmit healing energy? If you're new to Healing Alchemy, or just curious about my work, I invite you to experience this FREE 20-min long Guided Audio Healing -- Powerful Transformational Love -- where the healing energy is encoded in the sounds of the recording. 

I invite you to try this relaxing, restorative 

recorded audio healing

** best with headphones, sitting or lying down in a quiet relaxing space **

Guided Healing: Powerful Transformational LOVE (20 mins)

Spiritual Energy Healing South Florida Massage

Monthly Massage Memberships

Is receiving regular healing massages one of your self-care goals?


Good news! You can save 20% on all services when you become a Monthly Massage Member. 


For all the details, and information on how to sign up, click the button below

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