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Relaxation matters.

Relaxation matters.

And I say that, as a woman who has lived through years of chronic anxiety, and is still very much in the process of unwinding the chronic tightness of my muscles.

But one thing I've learned in the healing journey I've been walking is this: Feeling good in my body matters, and everything i can do to choose to feel EVEN BETTER, supports my goal of creating a life blessed with Ease and Grace.

I'm breaking up with the struggle. I'm no longer a willing to let things be hard. What I'm realizing is it's a choice. All of us are in choice.

And if I have a say in the matter, than I choosing Ease & Grace. I'm choosing deep relaxation, and good feelings in my body.

Sometimes that means doing some deep healing, and transforming conditions that seem to run counter to my goal.

I pray for ease and grace. I create routines in my daily life that support me finding moments to step out of habit, and into peace. I've got a long way to go, but I'm on my way. Choosing to put my well-being at the top of my priority list. Not because I "should", or because it's "healthy", but because I desire to feel good in my body, and it turns out that it's up to me to choose that.

Love, Elaine

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