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Massage & Healing Holiday Gift Cards, on sale now

This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of a Healing Massage Did you know that physical pain, and mental/emotional stress, fundamentally have energetic causes? My healing massages address the energetic roots of pain, discomfort, stress, overwhelm, etc. It's more than just a great massage. We carry low frequency energies in our body that manifest as pain, fear, stress, and so on. These energies can be transformed using Healing Alchemy -- aka. high frequency light and healing information. The results speak for themselves. My clients say: "After my session, a lot of the pain I felt coming in was gone, and today I feel like I have a whole new body! " - Alessandra H. "I left completely relaxed, renewed, and full of positive energy. Basically floated out of her office" - Blair W. "I feel so much clearer, back to my old self (like before the accident). I've been getting occasional massages for about 5 years and I've NEVER had one so good." - Lia E. It's the holiday season, and if you're looking for the perfect gift, consider this: Giving your loved one a gift card for a healing, restorative, rejuvenating massage. (Gift Cards are available for in office massage services only)

You can purchase yours here:

Or, if you're interested in a massage for yourself, you can book online here:

Love, Elaine

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