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Massage & Healing as a vehicle for transformation

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Clients who work with me know.... it's not just a massage.

If someone had told me 10 years ago that i would become an energy healer, i would have laughed. It's possible i wouldn't even have known what that meant. You see, i didn't grow up in this world of energy, frequency, and transformation.

I grew up catholic, a nerd, and the child of engineers. I have a B.A. in Physics. That was the context i grew up in. Energy Medicine was something make-believe, that noone i knew talked about.

No, It was only after years of struggling with ongoing, worsening mental and physical health challenges, that i turned to energy medicine. I was on a desperate search for something that would help me make sense of my chaotic and sometimes challenging life experiences. Searching for releif.

I dabbled in a bunch of modalities over the years, but i didn't start getting traction until i found Healing Alchemy. Since experiencing, and later learning, Healing Alchemy, my life has been a constant transformation. A growth. A blossoming. I've been shedding old layers of baggage, trauma, and illness. I am the healthiest, and happiest i've ever been in my life.

I share this with you, because i want you to know. Energy Medicine is real. It can help you. It has helped me, and so many people i know.

If you're looking to transform physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual challenges. I encourage you to give Healing Alchemy a shot.

Plus, my healing alchemy is paired with a wonderful massage. So, honestly, how can you top that?

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