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Do you believe people can change?

I do.

Because i have changed.

I have faced the low frequency conditioning and belief systems that have been imprinted upon me, and begun the process of sorting truth from fiction (spoiler alert... not a whole lot of truth there)

The truth is this: I am a manifestation of the Divine, in form. I am the powerful creator and manifestor of everything in my life. I am enough, just as I am, and I am worthy of all goodness, light, and love.

All those things are your truth as well. Try it on for size. It's true about everyone.

Are you living from these truths? If so, that's awesome, and keep rocking life. If not, there is only good news: stepping into your truth is possible, it's available, and it can be a blessed process full of grace and ease, if you choose it.

What stands in the way of us living in our truth? Well, to put it plainly--> Low Frequency energies in our bodies, and our energetic fields. These energies can include Fear, Anger, Trauma, Unworthiness, Doubt, Unconsciousness, etc. These low frequencies create the illusion that we are stuck... that we are victims of our circumstances... that we are small.

Healing, when done well, helps return you to an awareness of the truth of who you are. Who you've always been.

And that is a journey worth walking.

Blessings on your healing journey friend, Love, Elaine

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