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About Elaine

Elaine Johnson

Licensed Massage Therapist  &  Lightworker

LIC#:   MA78913  &  MM40672

Elaine is a intuitive massage therapist and powerful healer. She supports her clients to 

  • Feel relaxed and at ease in their bodies

  • Heal the energetic roots of pain, injury, discomfort, and stress


The Massage Therapy and Energetic Healing elements of her work are distinct from each other, but are delivered together as a single experience.  


Elaine has training in a variety of massage modalities, including:  Swedish,  Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Lomi Lomi,  Neuromuscular (Trigger Point) Therapy, Connective Tissue Therapy (structural adjustment), Prenatal Massage, and Reflexology. 


Every massage is a custom experience, tailored to the individual’s needs and preferences that day.  Check out the services page for more detailed information about specific massage service offerings.


Every massage also includes transformational energetic healing. Elaine has been training in advanced forms of lightwork since 2018. The modality she practices is called Healing Alchemy. Alchemy means disintegrating low frequencies in the body and replacing them with high-frequency light, healing constructs, designs, blueprints, etc.  For more information click here

Massage Therapist Elaine Johnson Coral Springs


Shakirra M's Experience

“There’s truly not enough I can say about Elaine.


She gets all the basics down of course — she responds quickly, is caring and thorough in her communications, is professional, is warm and sensitive and confident, and her set up is great.


Beyond that, this was truly the best massage I’ve ever had in my life. It felt great but was also deeply healing and exactly what I needed.


Most-notably: her energy work really takes this to another level and makes this a bargain for what it is — which is so much more than just an incredible massage (and an incredible massage it is!). She is safe, accepting, and caring — the right sort of person with the right intention for such vulnerable and tender work: Elaine is a wonderful person who cares deeply for her clients and their healing and well-being, and takes this work seriously.


She gave me so much more than what I thought I needed and I am so very grateful to her. What she offers is a mixture of professionalism, supreme care for people, amazing massage skills, and transformative energy work. This is one of the best things I’ve done for myself in a really long time.”

Tanya A's Experience

"I’ve enjoyed many styles of massage over the years, but the Lomi Lomi was such a welcome treat. Elaine’s welcoming spirit, calm energy, and healing hands were everything I needed to de-stress achy muscles and my overworked mind and stretched emotions. I felt so comfortable in her presence and relaxed on the table quickly. I can’t recommend Elaine enough - she is skilled and caring - everything you want when you are in need of relaxation and healing touch!"

Seth B's Experience

"Can’t say enough great things about how amazing and special Elaine made our anniversary. This was our first experience getting a massage at home but given the situation we felt more comfortable at our home than going to a spa. Elaine was extremely professional, going above and beyond by wearing a mask and continuously washing and sanitizing her hands. This quickly eased our minds and allowed us to relax and really enjoy our massages. More importantly, the massages were the best we ever had. Elaine used techniques we have never had before and focused on every area. My wife and I were talking afterwards about it and learned her technique was different between us. Pretty cool to know she doesn’t do the same standard massage to everyone and instead gives personalized massages based on your troubled areas. Sadly we didn’t book her for longer massages, we were ready to cancel our lunch plans to extend our time with Elaine. My wife couldn’t stop raving about her massage and how she now wants to make this a monthly thing. Elaine arrived with all of the supplies to turn our home into a premium spa. She even brought her own speaker so we can drown out the sounds of our dogs pacing around the room. We can’t wait to book our next massage with Elaine."

Lia E's Experience

Elaine is absolutely amazing. She was very thorough, explaining exactly what would happen during the massage. I could feel the tension in my body truly want to let go, and leaving. I recently dislocated my shoulder, broke my wrist and injured my knee and have had trouble with my mobility because of it. The odd ways I had to position myself caused tension all over and affected my way of thinking. I feel so much clearer, back to my old self (like before the accident). I've been getting occasional massages for about 5 years and I've NEVER had one so good. Definitely coming back, and definitely referring her to everyone I know. You'll feel the difference before you even get up. :)

Andy L's Experience

As a CrossFit athlete who pushes his body to its limit almost every day, Elaine is a savior. I was a member at massage envy for two years, getting massages every 2 weeks to help with recovery. I have yet to run into a therapist like Elaine.


I strongly believe knowledge, passion, and communication are the three most important characteristics of a therapist. With that being said, I recommend Elaine to everyone as she checks each box.


Thanks again Elaine, I look forward to the next session!

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